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Welcome Cohort 14!

February 03 2020 - by CARICAD Leadership Development Programme

We are so excited to have you here for the Fourteenth Cohort in CLP’s Leadership Development Programme!  Please take a moment to review the information below:

We look forward to what promises to be an exciting journey of personal and professional growth and development!

  • We want to know about you, so please complete your profile here. (Make sure you upload a photo too!) Because this will serve as a directory for your cohort colleagues, we encourage you to provide as much information as you can. Once you’ve completed your profile, browse those of your colleagues so you can begin to get to know them. As you view the profiles of your colleagues, think about the following questions: 
    • What struck you about this person?
    • What do you have in common?
    • What about this person’s skills and experience would you like to know more about?
    • How might this person add value to your professional network?
    • Anything else?

Since people will likely be creating their profiles at different times, we encourage you to visit and view profiles a few times over the next few weeks as people create their profiles.

  • All LDP documents: pre-readings, handouts, presentations, videos, blogging assignments etc. will be posted in this space.  We have also included a tip sheet on how to use WebEx here.
  • Please visit your dashboard frequently to access all information related to the LDP. In keeping with the CLP’s commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint, documents will only be made available to you in electronic format. In the event that you have a preference for hard copies, you are advised to print the documents prior to traveling for each module 
  • Take a moment to review your Programme Calendar. You can also see this information on the calendar at the bottom of this page 
  • Feel free to connect with your facilitators and colleagues in the panel to your left by sending them an email or instant message. Make sure you also check out their profiles! 
  • Please bear in mind our Policy on Attendance and Engagement
  • Also, connect with us via FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube
  • If you experience any technical difficulties, feel free to contact us here.

We look forward to what promises to be an exciting journey of personal and professional growth and development!