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CLP Connect September 2014

September 30 2014 - by

The Caribbean Leadership Project (CLP) is pleased to share with you the third issue of CLP Connect for 2014! In this issue you will: find a Project Update; get a birds-eye view of how the OECS works in the region, consider the impact of ocean acidification, see how the Youth Empowerment Scheme in Barbados is a leading example of citizen-centred service and read riveting stories and testimonials about the impact of the CLP's Leadership Developing Programme. We hope that you find this issue of CLP Connect useful and informative. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at Enjoy!


Project Update - Reflecting on Summertime

Whether your musical palette prefers the 1991 Grammy Award winning tune by the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff or you'd rather hear the sultry tones of Ella Fitzgerald as she croons the George Gershwin's classic Summertime, I think we can agree that there's something special about these months. Maybe it's the Carnival and Crop Over celebrations in several of our participating countries; maybe it's the fact that schools – from primary to tertiary – are on a break and that many public service workers take the opportunity to use up some of that accumulated vacation themselves… Whatever it is, the summer months bring out a certain je ne sais quoi.  Despite the foregoing, it wasn't all easy living for CLP during the period under consideration.  In fact, looking back at the quarter, we find that there was actually quite a bit going on. Click here to read more>>


Thumbs Up for the Caribbean Leadership Project from Barbados' Prime Minister 

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has described the Caribbean Leadership Project's Leadership Development Programme for senior civil servants as being critical to the region's development. He made the comments recently while hosting an Evening of Culinary and Musical Delights at the Barbados Defence Force for participants of the third module for Cohort Three of the Programme, which had as its theme: Serving Our People, Country and Region.Click here to read more >>


Travel to Transformation

Storytelling is a subtle but powerful tool. Storytelling not only serves to conjure up images of events of the past, but offers a compelling vision of the future which we're hoping to create for ourselves and for our stakeholders. To assist them in making sense of what they had experienced during their first module of the Leadership Development Programme and identify how it could be made real within their own context "at home", participants of Cohort 3 were invited to use the powerful tool of storytelling to creatively capture their emotive responses as well as their pragmatic learnings. What follows is the collective story as told by one of those teams. Click here to read more >>


A Culture Change

Ever wondered how to change your organisation's culture? Especially given the fact that the civil service has always operated in a manner that tends to resist any effort to do things differently? It is also the reality that when it comes to interpersonal relationships, if you rated relationships on a scale of one to ten, there always seems to be some work relationships where you would be lucky if you were able to get a four. Click here to read more >>


The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States - Thirty-three Years Later

In this article, we present a birds-eye view of how the Organisation works through some projects that benefit the region. These projects touch peoples' lives in every way, and include the introduction of the multi-purpose Identification Cards for conducting business within the government sector, to the bulk procurement of medical supplies on behalf of member states, to individual reactions to climate change and how we as individuals can make a difference. Click here to read more >>


Considering the Impact of Ocean Acidification

As the effects of climate change become clearer, the impact on the ocean will also become more significant. This is according to Dr. Lorna Inniss, Acting Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit in Barbados, in an interview with the CARICOM Communications Unit on an area of growing importance to the Region. "The potential impact of ocean acidification is fish and foremost environmental, but ultimately, it will have such a devastating effect on the economy, particularly the poorer sectors of the economy… it is going to affect fisheries," Dr. Inniss stated. Click here to read more >> 


The Youth Empowerment Scheme in Barbados

During the last module of CLP's Leadership Development Programme, Mrs. Selma Green, Manager of the Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) in Barbados was invited to dialogue with the CLP current cohort of public sector leaders on the topic Citizen Centred Service - What Does it Look Like?  It is evident that the YES has been making a positive social and economic impact in Barbados on the individual and national levels. As a result, we invite you to take a closer look at  this  leading example of citizen-centred service in this issue of CLP Connect.Click here to read more >>


LDP Testimonials 

The Caribbean Leadership Project launched the third cohort of its Leadership Development Programme (LDP) in June 2014. This follows two previous cohorts that each comprised 24 Permanent Secretaries and officers of equivalent rank from 12 CARICOM countries and key regional organisations.  Below . Please click here to read testimonials from LDP participants who were part of the two previous cohorts.