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CLP Connect September 2013 (Volume 1, Issue 3)

September 30 2013 - by

The CLP is pleased to share with you the third issue of our quarterly e-newsletter – CLP Connect! In this issue you will find a Project Update, see how CLP has captured the minds of several leaders in the region through the hosting of their Leadership Symposium, learn about the "wicked problem" of Creating an Enabling Environment for Leadership Development in the Region, gain insight from one of the Region's experts on Sustainable Energy and Energy Security, as well as, hear from the participants in our Leadership Development Programme. We hope that you find this issue of CLP Connect useful and informative. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at Enjoy!


We Built and They Came!

In the 1989 Academy-nominated American fantasy-drama film Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner is spurred to action after hearing a mysterious voice assuring him “If you build it, he [they] will come.”  Well the folks who initiated the Caribbean Leadership Project may not have heard mysterious voices.  However, they certainly set in motion a chain of events that culminated in building/designing and delivering the historic first cohort of the Leadership Development Programme (LDP), and they certainly came! Read More>>


CLP's Inaugural Leadership Symposium

The Caribbean Leadership Project has captured the minds of several senior leaders in the public and private sectors of the region, following the successful staging of the Project’s inaugural Leadership Symposium, held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on 25th July, 2013. The Symposium  was held under the theme: Transformation: From Personal to Systems - Realising Change from the Inside Out and featured Dr. John Scherer, International Change Consultant and Leadership Coach.  Dr. Scherer is also named by Stephen Covey as one of America’s Top 100 Thought Leaders in Personal/Leadership Development.  Read More >>


CIDA Becomes Part of New Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development

In March, Prime Minister Harper made the announcement that CIDA will amalgamate with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Canada's Economic Action Plan 2013.  The following is a statement by the Honourable Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation following the release of the Economic Action Plan. Read More >>


Sustainable Energy and Energy Security in the Region

During Cohort 1 of CLP’s Leadership Development Programme, 12 senior public sector leaders were tasked with exploring the ‘wicked problem’ of Sustainable Energy and Energy Security in the Region. By definition, “wicked problems” are: difficult to grasp and change as you try to solve them; involve multiple stakeholders with different interests; include a tangled web of causes; and have no precedent for dealing with them and no apparent right answer. The participants engaged the CLP Champions for Energy: Mr. Joseph Williams, Programme Manager for the CARICOM Energy Programme, Mr. Leonard Deane, Project Coordinator for the Sustainable Energy Technical Assistance (SETA) Project and Ms. Joan H. Underwood, CLP’s Regional Project Manager to assist them in devising creative and meaningful responses to this dilemma.  Read More >>


Creating an Enabling Environment for Leadership Development

When the principals of the Caribbean Leadership Project (CLP) sat down to brainstorm a list of ‘wicked problems’ affecting the Caribbean, the Enabling Environment for Leadership Development was very high on the list of priority issues.  As the CLP discussion paper on Enabling Environment for Leadership Development states: “little good can come from developing public sector leaders in an environment where public sector leadership is neither valued nor desired.” Therefore, a supportive enabling environment for public sector leadership development is essential to the success to the future of the Caribbean. Read more >>


LDP Testimonials

The Caribbean Leadership Project has successfully completed the fifth and final module for Cohort 1 of its Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for public service leaders in the Region. It follows four other modules of the LDP which were held in Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago, and Canada, respectively, beginning January 2013. It also precedes the second Cohort of the LDP which is scheduled to begin 21st October, 2013 at the Cave Hill School of Business/The University of the West Indies (CHSB/UWI) in Barbados which is the Regional Host Organisation for the Project.  Below are testimonials from four LDP participants who were part of the first historic cohort of the Programme. Read more >>