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Enabling Environment

The CLP Enabling Environment pillar addresses the context in which leaders learn new behaviours and enhance their capacity to lead. The application of individual learning and the transfer of that learning to others in the organization are dependent upon the context in which the learner works. A learner might have developed tremendous insights, new behaviours and enhanced capacity to lead but for that learning to be sustainable, the organization’s HRM policies and practices, governance and accountability frameworks and practices, and organizational (or national) culture should be aligned to encourage the exercise and transfer of leadership capacity.

The CLP refers to this context as the Enabling Environment. Leadership capacity in national and regional institutions is reflected in the ability to create an ‘enabling environment’ for exercising and developing leadership. CLP will utilize technical assistance to support the creation and/or reinforcement of the requisite cultural, institutional, procedural and governance frameworks for such an enabling environment.

Cognizant of the fact that the realities of one’s work environment have a significant impact on a leader’s ability to apply lessons learnt, CLP has designated resources to help address that issue. Specifically, CLP is committed to exploring the relationship between leadership development and how organizational structures, cultures and contexts interact to support the sustainability of learning in an individual and the transfer of that learning within the organisation.

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