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Continuous Learning and Development Network

One of the objectives of the CLP is to support and facilitate the establishment of Continuous Learning and Development Networks (CLDN) for public sector leaders to address current and on-going challenges, foster international collaboration and strengthen regional resilience.  Learning and development networks proactively support learners as they practice their learning in their workplace. They also maximize the impact of learning by facilitating further exchanges about the practical applications of what happens in the classroom and other formal learning events. In light of this the CLDN will aim to:

  • Address the identification and execution of senior leader learning goals associated with transformation, cross-jurisdictional collaboration, and innovation;
  • Provide insights on evolving themes, topical research and economic trends;
  • Identify solutions to individual and organisational leadership challenges;
  • Leverage peer learning opportunities in a trust-based set of relationships;
  • Provide opportunities to develop coaching and mentoring skills;
  • Promote inter-governmental collaboration;
  • Assist in overcoming organisation silos, knowledge hoarding and “not invented here” resistance; and
  • Take advantage of emerging technologies and mobile devices to build networks and share knowledge

The CLDN facilitates activities and interactions that enable participants to seek and provide support, coaching and mentoring with peers and reflection for their individual journey and effectiveness as leaders. To date, the CLP has undertaken significant activities which inform and segue into a learning and development network, including:

  • CLP Leadership Symposia (for the first three cohorts): The CLP has provided a meeting space in which alumni, the current LDP cohort and public participants are invited to come together to explore key leadership concepts and challenges like Personal Transformation (Scherer 2013), Immunity to Change (Kegan 2013), and Building Trust (Whipple 2014), with notable speakers using an interactive, experiential and regional focus. The first three symposia centred around Business Driven Action Learning projects undertaken by the LDP participants, with a strong focus on regional integration and the CLP’s cross-cutting themes.  The symposia have also included the results of research conducted under the CLP and lessons learnt in Bright Spots highlighting exceptional leadership accomplishments.
  • Webinars/online workshops around specific themes of interest to the alumni: These have been successful for their content, guest speakers, and their alignment with current issues/priorities.
  • Coaching workshop – A workshop which aimed to equip participants with the mindset, tools and practice to lead their organisations to produce breakthrough results
  • CLP Connect: Our quarterly newsletter highlighting the project’s major achievements.

In addition, the LDP alumni have formed the Caribbean Leadership Network (CLN) – a networking initiative with a current focus on the first three LDP cohorts at the Permanent Secretary level.