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Vision of the Ideal Caribbean Person

January 24 2014 - by Informed by: The Regional Cultural Policy, The West Indian Commission Report, The Caribbean Charter for Health Promotion, The Special Meeting of CSME, May 1997  Caribbean Future 

The Caribbean should be seen as that part of the world where the population enjoys a good quality of life with the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, health care and employment being all virtually satisfied. The environment should be one which provides clean air and water, unpolluted seas and healthy communities - an environment that has not been destroyed by the development process. 

The Ideal Caribbean Person 

The Ideal Caribbean Person should be someone who among other things: 

  • Is imbued with a respect for human life since it is the foundation on which all the other desired values must rest; 
  • Is emotionally secure with a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem; 
  • Sees ethnic, religious and other diversity as a source of potential strength and richness; 
  • Is aware of the importance of living in harmony with the environment; 
  • Has a strong appreciation of family and kinship values, community cohesion, and moral issues including responsibility for and accountability to self and community; 
  • Has an informed respect for the cultural heritage; 
  • Demonstrates multiple literacies independent and critical thinking, questions the beliefs and practices of past and present and brings this to bear on the innovative application of science and technology to problems solving; 
  • Demonstrates a positive work ethic; 
  • Values and displays the creative imagination in its various manifestations and nurture its development in the economic and entrepreneurial spheres in all other areas of life;
  • Has developed the capacity to create and take advantage of opportunities to control, improve, maintain and promote physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being and to contribute to the health and welfare of the community and country
  • Nourishes in him/herself and in others, the fullest development of each person's potential without gender stereotyping and embraces differences and similarities between females and males as a source of mutual strength