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To be a Better Leader in 2017 (and beyond) – Focus on Teamwork

January 30 2017 - by Dr. Lois Parkes, CLP's Regional Project Manager

As 2017 commences, and resolutions are made, why not consider setting your sights on becoming a better leader? One of the most effective ways to become a better leader is to focus on the team that you are leading. If your team isn’t working effectively together, you can be sure that the quality of your leadership is a major contributor.

So, if improving teamwork is one of your leadership goals, here are some no-cost strategies that you can employ to assist you in reaching this goal:

  • Establish (or re-establish) yourself as the leader, not through over-exertion of power or fear, but by committing to a working relationship with your team, founded on trust;
  • Be a harmoniser. Use conflicts and disagreements as opportunities to mediate and for team learning. Always return the team’s attention to the higher purpose and team goals;
  • Make an extra effort to be clear in your communication. Ask for feedback to ensure understanding;
  • Include the quality of teamwork as a key performance target, and assess the quality of teamwork by involving team members in the assessment process;
  • Delegate tasks to the team to get them to find solutions or work on projects collaboratively.


As you consider developing yourself further as a leader, do share with us:

  1. Your own leadership resolutions for 2017;
  2. The strategies you will be using to reach those goals; or
  3. Your request for suggestions on steps you might take to reach those goals.

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Claire Davidson Williams - Reply

I started the new year wanting to improve myself and my team to achieve greater success, so I made no resolutions but identify things i needed to work on

Leadership Goals and strategies for 2017:

Goal 1. To Lead with greater passion

Strategies: Revisit my leadership style for what energies me (I started by reviewing my before and after EQi). Mentally prepare for my role in a changing environment by spenting time reading materials on passionate leaders. Become more involved. 

2. To be Team builder/Unifier 

Strategies: Assign tasks to smaller groups that are easy to complete without much stretch.  Once small grroups become comfortable with each other acheiving success it spreads throughout.  Improve on emthathy to turn conflicts to lessons with an ah-ha moment 


Lois Parkes

That's awesome, Claire. These are some great goals and wish you every success in meeting and surpassing them