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Comment by: Georgia Sinclair


I found this blog to be particularly timely, useful and insightful. The COVID 19 pandemic has forced us to give serious thought to working remotely and all the attending factors. Of course, the suddenness of having to implement this measure caught some organizations ill-prepared such as the ICT issues. Additionally, we perhaps made the assumption that those working from home have the discipline to do the absence of having persons providing the necessary motivation such as regular check ins. I have always been pushing the remote working agenda at my organisation but there seems to be great resistance in the public sector perhaps because we don't believe that people can be productive without constant supervision. The current situation requires development of policy for remote working as I believe the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.


When the dust settles after the Coronavirus pandemic, I am curious though to see if we will truly embrace remote working especially among those leaders in the public sector who strongly opposed and resisted same.

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